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Frequently Asked Questions

We Have Answers

  • What services does ROBINSON PUBLISHING LLC provide?
    ROBINSON PUBLISHING LLC offers a range of services, including book publishing, book writing assistance, and graphic design for book covers and promotional materials.
  • How can I contact ROBINSON PUBLISHING LLC?
    You can easily get in touch with us through the "Contact" page on our website. We're also available via email at or by phone at 312.715.7884.
  • Do you only work with authors in a specific genre?
    No, we work with authors across various genres. Whether you're writing fiction, non-fiction, autobiographies, or any other genre, we can assist you in the publishing process.
  • Can I get a free consultation before using your services?
    Of course! We offer a free initial consultation. Contact us, and we'll discuss your project and how we can best assist you.
  • What makes ROBINSON PUBLISHING LLC unique?
    Our personalized approach and dedication to your project set us apart. We work closely with authors to ensure their vision becomes a reality, offering professional services with a personal touch.
  • How do I edit or remove the 'Frequently Asked Questions' title?
    You can edit the title from the FAQ 'Settings' tab in the Editor. To remove the title from your mobile app go to the 'Site & App' tab in your Owner's app and customize.
  • How long does the book publishing process take?
    The timeline can vary depending on the complexity of your project, but we'll work with you to establish a realistic schedule. Typically, the process from manuscript to published book can take several months.
  • What can I expect from the graphic design services for my book?
    Our graphic design services include creating eye-catching book covers, promotional materials, and interior layout designs that reflect your book's content and style.
  • Are there any hidden fees in your pricing?
    No hidden fees. Our pricing is transparent and discussed upfront, so you'll know the cost of our services from the beginning.
  • Can you assist with marketing and promotion for my book?
    Yes, we can guide you in creating a marketing plan, but please note that we do not offer full-scale marketing services. We can provide recommendations and advice.
  • What is Aaron Robinson's role in ROBINSON PUBLISHING LLC?
    Aaron Robinson is the founder and a key team member of ROBINSON PUBLISHING LLC. His expertise and experience ensure that our services meet the highest standards in the industry.

If you have more questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to contact us through our website or the provided email and phone contact. We're here to assist you on your publishing journey.

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