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Not Going Unnoticed:

The Aaron Robinson Story
(Available in Print and E-book) 

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Aaron Robinson Books

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Not Going Unnoticed: The Aaron Robinson Story
(Available in Print and E-book) 

The author describes his journey from being homeless to having a successful business in this autobiography. The manuscript begins with Aaron Robinson living out of his 1991 Chevy Cavalier station wagon. Mr. Robinson goes back in time to write about his childhood growing up in Pembroke, Illinois. His childhood and vision inspired him to start Consciousness Magazine. The magazine is committed to raising individuals' consciousness levels while promoting understanding, making a difference in society, and touching countless hearts. This manuscript may appeal to readers who enjoy inspirational books as an entrepreneur.

Not Going Unnoticed: The Aaron Robinson Story
The Artwork of Aaron Robinson Front Cover
(Available in Print and E-book) 

The Artwork of Aaron Robinson is a book showcasing interesting art pieces. The content and work derive from an excursion of time that I, Aaron Robinson, author, and fine artist, exceedingly articulate and express in my amazing artwork in several themes. I combine a trivial era that occurred in my life with art to highlight various personal experiences that I have encountered. While making a positive transition on my life’s journey, I explore and discover to learn new life lessons and personality, embodying my endeavors, trials and tribulations, and challenges with my knowledge to discuss and paint a detailed, vivid, and comprehensive description of multiple art pieces with my favorite art media that conveys a strong message.

(Available in Print and E-book) 

How To Self-Publish A Magazine is a vital source for beginner publishers who simply have an idea, however, lack the skills, confidence, techniques, abilities, and know-how to build an incredible magazine. This guide equips the reader with the precise knowledge, tools, and resources needed to get started and to ultimately be successful by providing them with an organized easy to follow method via a preliminary step-by-step process that outlines the creative aspects such as choosing a magazine title, defining topics, creating content, developing layout and design, etc. In addition, the publication provides vivid instructions concerning how to launch, print, distribute (print or online), legalize, budget, market, and sell to business customers, subscribers, and so on. Furthermore, How To Self-Publish A Magazine is helpful and useful in assisting the publisher with deciding their niche audience, as well as finding their niche in the thriving and flourishing publishing industry. 

How To Self Publish A Magazine
Motivation and Inspiration
(Available in Print and E-book) 

A lot of people are looking for self-help books that can help motivate and inspire them to reach their goals in life, so you should know that. To live a more goal-oriented, stress-free life, this short self-help and motivating guide will show you how to make goals as well as other ways to help yourself.

This Self-help book provides the ultimate formula to becoming successful, as it is a guide to help individuals clearly decide their desires in life, gives directions on how to take massive action to reach their goals, and how to consistently control their actions to ultimately control their destiny. 

Aaron Robinson
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Founded in 2018, Robinson Publishing, LLC is an in-house publishing company that publishes, distributes and sells paperback and eBooks. Our books contain valuable content and information that inspire and empower our readers. Some of the book types include Non-Fiction, Autobiographies, How-To Books, Guides, Poem Books and Children’s Books. Robinson Publishing, LLC was derived from magazine publishing, where we successfully published and released national and international magazines since 2014. We expanded our brand to captivate a more diverse audience and avid book readers. We pride ourselves in quality and perfection. We have highly educated, experienced, aspiring and great authors and writers that are knowledgeable in their respected area of profession which makes us a unique company set apart from others.

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